Built for Zero Initiative

Built for Zero is a national change effort working to assist communities committed to
ending Veteran and Chronic homelessness. Tennessee Housing Development Agency 
(THDA) announced Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless (TVCH) is one of three 
Continua of Care awarded the Built for Zero: Ending Veteran Homelessness initiative last 
week. The awarded funds of $10,000 will pay for tuition to Community Solutions. TVCH will 
receive technical assistance and training to develop and further refine strategies to achieve
 the goal of moving more homeless veterans into housing in a given month than identifying
on the streets, which is called functional zero, in their Continuum of Care.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the State of Tennessee
 counted 945 Veterans experiencing homelessness in 2016. These numbers do not include
 our Veterans who are precariously housed or doubling up with friends and family, and due 
to the transient nature of homelessness, TVCH estimates these numbers to be an
 underrepresentation of our Veteran neighbors and their families experiencing 
homelessness as their daily reality. The Built for Zero technical assistance initiative will 
help to develop and ensure we are implementing strategies that have been benchmarked in
like areas to decrease the number of our homeless Veterans to a functional zero. The 
initiative will also assist in finding strategies that are unique to the Appalachian region but
 can then be replicated across the United States.