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For many of us, "Home for the Holidays" has a special meaning. 

It takes us back to a time of family dinners, sitting around the fire, passing out presents, and fighting over that last piece of pie.

For 1,000 East Tennesseans without a home, the holidays bring feelings of desolation instead of joy.

Without a place to call home, this time of year offers little to celebrate.

That’s why Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless is proud to introduce:

Story Homes

Our Story Homes Project is about more than Christmas ornaments and donating to a great cause. It’s about helping our neighbors get off the streets and regain their dignity and their future.

When you buy a Story Homes Ornament this season, you will be helping an individual, family, veteran, or child experiencing homelessness with a rent deposit, a utility service, or the purchase of a bed to sleep in.

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With three children under the age of 5, the holidays should be a time of excitement, anticipation, and joy. Instead of making lists for Santa and stringing lights on the tree, this LaFollette family will be celebrating the season in a cramped van parked beside a church.

The youngest, only a few months old, won’t know the struggle of being homeless for the holidays.

With your support, this deserving family will soon be able to trade in the backseat for a bedroom in their own home.

Being homeless for the holidays is a story that deserves a happy ending.

Make a purchase with purpose.

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