The Best Staff


“Here at TVCH, our hearts are burdened knowing our own neighbors are homeless, living without basic necessities. Our passion drives us to develop solutions so that everyone has access to services and housing. We believe in the impossible!”

Melanie Cordell, CEO

Stanley Taylor



“At TVCH, I’m able to fulfill my passion of assisting my fellow veteran brothers and sisters to get housed and connected to resources to regain the honor they have earned through their service and sacrifice! Together, we’re ensuring homelessness is rare.”

Stanley Taylor, COO


Brandon HarrisBrandon Harris
Case Manager
I have been working with people in different capacities for 20 years and I want to continue to help motivate others to make positive changes in their lives.


Deb PattersonDeb Patterson
Database & Special Projects Administrator

As a database administrator and former case manager, I listen deeply for opportunities to create value, to manage change with informed optimism, and to drive results with complete and accurate homelessness data.


Karen FergusonKaren Ferguson

I never thought I would be fortunate enough to have a job that helps others! I love meeting the people that TVCH has helped.


Virginia Larry
Director of Homeless Services

I believe that we all deserve a hand to help us up when life has taken us off course.


Max Baber

HMIS Data Analyst/Trainer

Quality data management strengthens TVCH’s ability to serve homeless community needs and support broader efforts to improve household economic capabilities via training and development programs, with constructive long term impacts on household stability.



JaneJane Miniard

After retiring from full-time work, I was searching for a volunteer job that helped to make a difference. I found it at TVCH. I am able to utilize my past work experiences in a friendly atmosphere where I am valued as much as I value others.


Marcia Power