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from Case Manager Ashley Pritt

In the month of August I met a client that, from my experience, had truly hit rock bottom and was ready to build herself back up. At the time of intake, she was enrolled in a drug recovery program, and still is. She had recently had a baby that had been taken by DCS, and was determined to do whatever she needed to do to get her baby back. After a long intake where we talked about the realities of what it would take to achieve stable housing, this client was ready to do what she needed to do. While still participating in her drug recovery program, she found a job within a week, sent me all of the necessary paperwork, and was accepted and moved into income-based housing less than two weeks after we first met. When speaking with this individual's landlord, we both remarked on how beautiful it is to see someone sincerely trying to get their life together for their child and themselves. As I spoke with this client after she moved into housing, she stated how she would really like someone to continue to follow her further throughout her journey. I connected the client with the MIST program at Ridgeview, so that she could continue to have aid in her growth. As a case manager, I am so proud of her for her determination, compassion, and ability to follow direction in order to achieve her goals.