About Us

We are a non-profit created to house the homeless, educate the community, and equip stakeholders to provide lasting solutions to end homelessness in our twelve county region, which includes Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Claiborne, Cocke, Grainger, Hamblen, Jefferson, Loudon, Monroe, Sevier, and Union. 


To create a region where HOMELESSNESS IS
RARE and lasts less than 30 days. We believe
that ALL INDIVIDUALS deserve access to safe,
decent, and affordable housing.



We meet people where they are, without judgment and condemnation, and ignore the stigmatism of homelessness.


We embrace change. We don’t accept the status quo. We dig deep to find and address root causes of homelessness.


We create win-win opportunities and seek lasting solutions to homelessness through education and resources throughout our region.

Our stratigic Inatives

1 in 4 people live in conditions that harm their health, safety, prosperity, and opportunities. We’re on a mission to change that with our strategic initiatives.

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH or “supportive housing”) is for people who need long-term housing assistance with supportive services in order to stay housed. Individuals and families living in supportive housing often have long histories of homelessness and face persistent obstacles to maintaining housing, such as serious mental illness, a substance use disorder, or a chronic medical problem. PSH programs allow people with one or more serious disabling conditions to stabilize their housing and receive treatment for their underlying conditions. The combination of housing and supportive services creates a synergy that allows tenants to progress toward recovery and independence.

Basic Requirements to Qualify for PSH

To be eligible for PSH, an individual must be: 

  1. Chronically Homeless (as defined by HUD)
  2. Physically, Mentally, Developmentally, and/or Emotionally Disabled (as defined in Section 223 of the Social Security Act)

TVCH Permanent Supportive Housing Programs

Family Services Program – Chronically homeless households in Campbell County
Operation Restore Program – Chronically homeless veterans in Cocke, Grainger, Jefferson, Monroe, Sevier, and Union Counties

This movement is made up of homeless services providers within our 12-county region that have committed to measurably ending homelessness, one population at a time.  Click here to learn more about our Built for Zero journey.

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Katelyn McGuire

Exectutive Director

Brandon Harris

Director of Operations

Karen Ferguson

Director of Finance

Macrea Love

Director of Outreach

Nikki Lynn

Director of Data Management

Kimberly Terry

Administrative & Data Support Coordinator

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Our Partners

Provide Financing Support To Help Individuals Build Livelihoods