Get Involved

Looking for ways you, your organization, or your business can support our mission of
ending homelessness in East Tennessee? There are many ways to make a difference in the
lives of our neighbors.

Together, we can
make a huge impact!

Thanks to compassionate people like you, we decreased veteran homelessness in East Tennessee by 93% last year.

Volunteer Programs

Whether you are interested in volunteering individually or as a
group, there are many ways to get involved with the Coalition.


Volunteer opportunities evolve as funding and programming becomes available.  As a volunteer, you will get to know your community, make real connections, empower others, and have fun. Please complete the Volunteer Form detailing your unique skills and passions. Email the completed form to and a staff member will reach out when opportunities are available!

If you have leadership skills and enjoy working with a team, this position is for you.

If you want to work directly with the people we are serving, this position is for you.

If you want to help the coalition raise more money to serve our community, this position is for you.

Data is a major part of our organization’s success! If you have a data-driven mind and enjoy researching, this position is for you.

Current volunteer opportunities

Our Homeless Help Hotline is one of the first stops for people experiencing homelessness in East Tennessee to find assistance as the Housing Crisis continues to rise.  Our Homeless Help Hotline works to ensure that our neighbors experiencing homelessness are matched with available and appropriate housing resources.

We are looking for In-Office volunteers (located in Knoxville, TN) to aid with responding to our Homeless Help Hotline calls, with a positive bias toward a human capacity for growth and development and a passion for working with vulnerable populations.

A typical afternoon is filled with initial phone calls, phone interviews for qualifying individuals, and providing referrals to other relevant services and resources in our region.

Volunteers will be provided with hands-on training, ongoing staff support, and knowing they are directly addressing the needs of our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Corporate Sponsorships

TVCH could not provide the services offered without support of the communities we serve. Individual donations, in-kind/physical donations, and dedicated volunteers help move us closer to finding sustainable solutions to ending homelessness. Another avenue of support is through business/corporate sponsorships. If interested in becoming a sponsor, fill out the Sponsorship Package form. Questions can be directed to Katelyn McGuire, Executive Director, at or 812-453-0354.