We are honored that you are interested in serving as a board member for the Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless (TVCH). With a mission dedicated to serving the public, we seek diverse board members who reflect the communities we uplift. We are looking to find individuals from all professional levels, various organizational affiliations, races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, genders, and religions, all of which represent the wide range of constituencies in our service area. As a Board member, you will be a part of a decision-making body and can influence the current and future shape of TVCH and its service users.

Thank you for considering the TVCH Board of Directors and for the time and energy you will put into an important element of building a stronger Board and homelessness prevention agency.

Completing the application and reviewing the supporting documents will help you understand the skills and time/resource commitments of this vital position. You may find it helpful to read the entire application and Board Member Estimated Time Commitments and Responsibilities before completing the

This application will be kept confidential and on file with TVCH. Applications are used by the current Board of Directors to identify and evaluate potential Board candidates. All new directors are elected by a majority vote of current Board members.